We are a boutique consulting firm with a strong background in both technology and business. We specialize in helping to discover and add new value.

Integrative Technologies LLC is a specialized consulting firm.  Our staff has over 30 years’ real-world experience in engineering, technology management, strategy, positioning, and analysis.  Their work has covered the spectrum from ideation through implementation, marketing, and support of products and services.

Our specialty is finding, analyzing, and capturing new value for technology-centric startups, public and private enterprises, and investors.  We do this through a process we call Integrative Thinking: Tying together disparate components into a cohesive and workable picture, then working with our clients to determine the optimal ways to evaluate and, if appropriate, realize each new opportunity.

We believe that a small, specialized consulting firm can offer a unique perspective, as well as the flexibility to work with our clients in a variety of ways, with tailored deliverables based on requirements.  We offer the ability to scale by working with others on assignments, bringing in specialized external knowledge or working with existing staff or consultants.  We are comfortable working with and/or managing teams across multiple business units and/or organizations.  We aim to be partners with our clients in pursuit of success, rather than merely “experts for hire.”

Christopher Fine is our Founder and CEO. Chris’s background includes 29 years of engineering, IT, and financial work for Goldman Sachs. Some of his areas of technology and business expertise include corporate finance, technology strategy, technology integration, product development, enterprise technology, AI, cyber and physical security systems, communication and collaboration systems, end user technology, and Internet of Things (IoT).

Chris’s speaking background includes industry conferences, client meetings, Equity Research and Investment Banking gatherings, and internal corporate groups. He is the author or co-author of multiple industry studies, White Papers, and other publications.

Chris holds a B.Sc degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from Princeton University, and an MBA in Finance from New York University Stern School of Business.

You can find out more about Chris, and connect with him, on LinkedIn.